Ensuring Quality Tech Support With CSAT Surveys

Ensuring Quality Tech Support With CSAT Surveys

When it comes to maintaining quality tech support, there’s nothing more important than receiving feedback.

We’ve all had good and bad experiences with customer service. It feels great when your expectations are met and exceeded – but also feels terrible when you’re let down. What’s worse is when the other party doesn’t even acknowledge their shortcomings and continues on their merry way.

That will never happen at Quicktech.

First of all – we work hard to ensure that tech support problems are kept at an absolute minimum. We work around the clock, even through the night, to keep your systems updated and protected from potential threats and issues. And even when issues do occur, we have disaster recovery measures in place to ensure that unexpected downtime is reduced as much as possible.

Second of all – after the successful completion of each ticket at Quicktech, we ask our client to rate their technician’s tech support services. This is done through a quick CSAT survey with an optional comment section.

What is a CSAT Survey?

A customer satisfaction (or CSAT) survey serves as as a vehicle for feedback – but you already knew that.

At Quicktech, we don’t want to waste your time with a long survey that gets you nowhere – we genuinely want to give you the best tech support experience possible.

We want to start a conversation.

The CSAT surveys are Quicktech are simple, short and sweet. The focus is on the client to express their opinion of quality on on their particular request. The focus isn’t on us, the service provider. We don’t ask questions like “how knowledgeable was our technician?” because our goal is to listen to what you want to say, and not ask what we want to know.

We take this very seriously – especially since we work with you on an ongoing basis, it’s crucial for us to know how effective you find our it support services. What’s the point in working together if there’s no communication, no trust?

Our internal it support team reviews each CSAT response and will address any and all unsatisfactory responses. Knowing that there’s room for improvement is one thing – taking action is the next, most important step.

How Does Quicktech Rank?

Even with over a decade of tech support experience in Vancouver, there’s always room for improvement. And we’re proud to say – we’re pretty good at exceeding expectations. Just look at our CSAT survey responses!


We’re above industry standards as compiled by nex.to, with a response rate on our CSAT surveys that is 13% higher than the norm.


Across over 600 responses, we average a 95% positive rating on our tech support services, with hardly any negative feedback.

We take your satisfaction seriously. When we say “let us handle IT” – we mean it. We provide quality it support, improving each and every day. Ask us about our above-average scores on all customer satisfaction metrics!

Curious about how we offer excellent tech support in Vancouver? Or, want to learn more about recent tech trends? Take a look at our IT resources page, or book an appointment today.