What To Expect From Managed IT Services in 2017

February 15th, 2017 News
What To Expect From Managed IT Services in 2017

What can you expect from the managed IT services sector in 2017?

Apart from the fact that IT managers are beginning to recognize the benefits of managed IT worldwide, it’s worthy of note that the adoption rate of managed IT services is climbing as fast as ever.

Last year, a survey by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) predicted that spending on managed IT services would rise annually at a double-digit rate, with global spending to reach over $193B by 2019 (Markets and Markets).

To put things in perspective – $193 billion in managed IT spending is estimated to be 20% of all IT services spending across the world. This means that by 2019, a fifth of all IT spending will be spent on managed IT services.

Another survey by Mordor Intelligence predicted that the global managed services market would reach nearly $230B by 2020. Of this, North America is expected to be the largest managed service provider.

The question that may be on your mind could be the following:

Why is the managed IT service sector growing so fast?


How does this affect my business?

The reason why managed IT expenditure is growing – fast – could be because it has proven its effectiveness, and that businesses require 24/7 monitoring and maintenance more than ever.

Managed IT Works, And Businesses Are Catching On

As technology continues to be a focal point for many, if not most businesses, the need for an “insurance policy” for the IT department continues to rise.

Businesses must act faster, become more reliable, and be more proactive to compete in 2017.

Managed IT fills the niche of ensuring that your data is constantly being monitored and protected, even when you’re away from the desk, asleep or focused on some other task. Knowledge that a managed services provider (MSP) can keep your data safe in case of IT security threats, is no small consolation.

More businesses are expected to adopt Managed IT services, as businesses begin to demand greater cost efficiencies, improved reliability and more proactive operational maintenance.

Does Your Business Need Managed IT Services?

As more companies adopt managed IT in 2017, businesses will become even more agile, reliable and cost-efficient. That’s our prediction.

We strongly believe that managed IT is an effective driver of growth, not just in operational efficiency but in strategic management as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about managed IT services, contact our IT consulting team and we’ll be more than happy to help. Relax! Let us handle it.