5 Signs it’s time to refresh your hardware

5 Signs it’s time to refresh your hardware

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People say that a brand new computer is obsolete as soon as you walk out of the store with it. Considering how quickly technology evolves, that’s not far from the truth. Still, while replacing your laptop or phone every few years might not seem like a big deal, it’s quite another matter for businesses, which might have dozens or even hundreds of workstations, servers, and other hardware. It all needs maintaining and upgrading. Here are five signs it might be time for a refresh:

#1. Outdated tech is a major security risk

If you’ve suffered a data breach, the first thing to do is identify the extent of the damage and determine the cause of the incident. If you’ve been using outdated and unsupported systems, then that could well be the source of the problem. Outdated tech, which is no longer supported by its manufacturer, won’t receive any critical security updates. One such example is Windows 7, which was finally retired this January. If any of your hardware or software is nearing the end of its support life cycle, do yourself a favor by replacing it as soon as possible.

#2. Your old tech is increasing employee churn

With millennials making up a huge portion of the workforce, many businesses are driven by employees who are quite enthusiastic about technology. But when they’re all using the latest iPhones and other equipment in their personal lives, the last thing they want is to be stuck with the digital equivalent to an 18th-century steam engine when they’re trying to get work done. Old, slow, and unfamiliar technology is a growing reason for higher staff turnover.

#3. Slow computers are hindering productivity

Productivity and morale go hand in hand, and while employee expectations might sometimes seem unreasonably high, there’s no reason for making work any harder than it should be. A lot of routine tasks can, for example, be automated, thus allowing employees to focus on the more rewarding tasks that match their unique skill sets. That’s not going to happen if they’re spending a large portion of their time staring at endless loading screens or trying to work with computers that keep crashing.

#4. Maintenance bills are going through the roof

With the amount of data generated by today’s organizations doubling every couple of years, many in-house servers are bursting at the seams as they struggle to keep up with demand. From the constant need to add extra compute power and storage capacity to managing issues like overheating and failing hardware, many IT teams find themselves overburdened with the rising demands of maintenance. When that happens, you only have two choices: replace all your hardware or migrate to a more scalable, cloud-based computing infrastructure.

#5. It no longer supports your business needs

In almost any discussion about business technology, it’s never long before you start hearing about digital transformation. Yet most digital transformation strategies result in disappointment because of a failure to align technology with the unique needs of the business. Refreshing IT isn’t all about “out with the old, in with the new;” it’s about achieving alignment with scalable solutions that can adapt to the needs of your business, rather than ending up with a proverbial dinosaur in the room.

Have you considered the cloud?

Though there are still some computing workloads that are best handled by powerful local hardware, most everyday business operations can be handled online using cloud-hosted apps and data storage. If you’re growing tired of the constant need to upgrade or spending money on maintenance, then the cloud might be exactly the solution you need to scale and future-proof your critical business operations.

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