How to simplify task management with Microsoft 365

How to simplify task management with Microsoft 365

Streamlining task management is an effective way to improve productivity in your organization. When your staff know exactly what they're supposed to do, they can work more efficiently and avoid missing deadlines.

Microsoft 365 is an invaluable application suite for companies looking to improve their productivity. It offers the following features and applications to simplify task management for your team:

Microsoft 365 is an invaluable application suite for companies looking to improve their productivity.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is a task management app that lets you create and assign tasks to members of your team. It features a Kanban board where you can set up content-rich task cards. In these cards, you can put crucial details about tasks, including objectives, deadlines, and relevant images, documents, and other attachments.

Microsoft Planner also allows you and other team members to keep track of each task's progress. This information can be seen on the task card and on insight charts that Planner automatically generates. On top of monitoring progress, these charts also organize tasks by priority and show each employee's workload. These features help managers delegate tasks fairly among team members.

Microsoft To Do

While Planner is great for managing tasks across an entire team, Microsoft To Do is a more individualized solution. It allows users to create personal task lists and gives them the ability to set deadlines, notes, and reminders.

To Do also offers Microsoft's "My Day" feature. This feature helps you focus on your most important tasks by suggesting a daily list of items based on what's due soon, what's been overdue for a while, and other factors. It also allows you to share your lists with your colleagues and sync your tasks across all your devices.

To Do integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so you can easily add emails to your personal task lists. Sales teams, for instance, can leverage this feature to conveniently track customer interactions via email.

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Microsoft Teams

Although more commonly known as a communication platform, Microsoft Teams also features robust collaboration capabilities. For instance, users can easily organize to-dos by creating channels for each project on Teams. There is even a dedicated Tasks tab that shows you all the tasks associated with the project.

Tasks may not have all the capabilities of Planner, but it can be beneficial when you’re working on time-sensitive tasks that require close collaboration with other team members. What's more, Teams' chat feature lets you quickly gather input or issue instructions to the rest of your team without having to keep moving between apps.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is primarily an email client, but it also features a task management tool. In Outlook, you can create tasks and subtasks, set deadlines, add notes, and more. You can also link tasks to emails, calendars, and contacts for easy reference.

Outlook's task management feature aids in tracking and responding to interactions with customers. For example, sales teams can create tasks and subtasks and link these to emails, calendars, and contacts for future reference. This way, they have easy access to the information they need to respond to customer queries and concerns quickly.

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office suite is so versatile that it even has task management capabilities. In Microsoft Word, you can create to-dos and track their progress by marking them as complete. You can also add deadlines, notes, and reminders.

In Microsoft Excel, you can use the "Task" feature to manage small projects. This allows you to create a list of tasks, assign them to team members, set deadlines, and track progress.

Meanwhile, Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create project timelines. This is especially useful in presentations where you need to create visual representations of the project's progress and identify potential bottlenecks.

Task management doesn't have to be a headache. With Microsoft 365, you have a wealth of tools at your disposal to simplify the process and make it as efficient and productive as possible. If you want recommendations on other powerful solutions for your business, just contact Quicktech today. Our IT experts will be happy to suggest tech solutions that can help you meet your business's goals.

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