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We’re a Vancouver managed IT services company that’s a cut above the rest

We take IT personally

Some people say you shouldn’t get into business with your friends or family, but our co-founders Dustin and Jon beg to differ. When they founded Quicktech in 1998, they realized that doing the work you love, with people you trust and enjoy being around, makes a huge difference.

Fast-forward 20 years, and the two lifelong friends and business partners are still going strong. Although they originally focused on providing comprehensive IT services to not-for-profit and healthcare organizations, Quicktech has grown into a managed services provider capable of serving a broad range of businesses, from travel and retail to financial and dental industries.

Quicktech is firmly committed to providing Vancouver companies with friendly and comprehensive IT services. In 2011, we were awarded the Small Business BC Award for Best Company. But we're far from done improving; our team is committed to constantly improving so you always receive the best IT support in town!


“Our correspondence was very brief and it got done immediately. The job was fairly streamline/easy, but I still really appreciate the timeliness. When you work quickly you enable me to work quickly.”

Thomas Ungerer
Agrima Botanicals

Meet the Quicktech Team

Dustin Cassar

Director of IT and Business Development, every day must start and end with an Americano.


Jon Vandermeer

Director of Operations, uncertified craft-beer aficionado, full-time gadget enthusiast.



Anna Salas

Accounting Clerk, loves cooking and a movie goer.


Service Co-Ordination

Jen Dolit

Service Coordinator, loves pets. pet plants and pet pets.

Dianne Blanza

Service Coordinator, enjoys watching anime series, loves to read and travel.


Kirk Wood

Service Manager, loves classical music, world history, and most animals. PS, Guinea Pigs might be the cutest animal!

Cristian Gomez

Project Manager, born and raised in Barcelona, hiker, traveler and adventurer.

Professional Services

Kyle Viray

System Administrator, Wanderer, Easy going, always curious, cheesecake is life.

Gianfranco Cisneros

System Administrator, Living proof that nobody's perfect

Gandeep Jassal

System Administrator, enjoys playing and watching sports, bar games champ.

Support Team

Chris Batch

Technical Support Team Lead, Avid coffee drinker. Lifelong Canucks fan. Has been to Disneyland too many times to count.

William Li

Support Technician, loves 3D modelling and printing. Part-time gamer, and full-time problem solver.

Noah Vandermey

Support Technician, Full time gamer, loves meeting new people. I take the music with me everywhere

Thomas Read

Support Technician, Hiker, runner, sport player by day. Board gamer, movie enthusiast, amateur cook by night.

Michael Campaniel

Support Technician, If given the chance, will read books all day long. Won't leave home without my backpack!

JM Novenario

Support Technician, enjoys riding my motorcycle. Taking it for a long ride. A dog lover.

John Carlo Garcia

Support Technician, Big fan of anime, I'm a frustrated singer, perfume lover, and food enthusiast that loves to cook and eat.

Steven Orpilla

Self-proclaimed Pokémon master, Nuggets basketball ultra-fan

Thales Del Santo

Support Technician, I'm an IT guy who doesn't drink coffee, likes to work out every day, snowboards but is still learning, and likes to travel.

Sammy Tewelde

Poutine enthusiast, aspiring polyglot, and chess player

Mark Bruehler

Prabash Livera

Matt Matson

Support Technician Specialist

Ty Baumgarten

Support Technician Specialist

Cloud Computing

The cloud offers everything your business needs. Almost unlimited computing resources, productivity apps you can access from anywhere, and hands-free IT maintenance provided by Quicktech engineers.

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We work as an extension of your business, helping you create technology strategies, plan your IT budget, implement cost-effective technologies, and ensure maximum uptime.

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