Agrima Botanicals

Agrima Botanicals is a British Columbia based prospective licenced Medical Marijuana producer and provider.

Having an industry leading facility, the design and specifications of which have attracted the attention of top ranking Canadian universities. We continue to set the standard by hosting other B.C. municipalities to aid them in the development of their local medical marijuana by-laws


With the implementation of their new facility, Agrima Botanicals required end-to-end consultation on all aspects of network planning, security, design and implementation.


  • Network security
  • Local fiber LAN interconnectivity
  • Secure software VPN connectivity
  • Facility-wide “meshed” wireless network
  • Secured domain controller
  • Multi-level resource / department file permissions


Utilizing a Dell Sonicwall router, Dell Switching gear, and Unifi wireless access points – Quicktech planned and implemented a secure, expandable and versatile network. With multiple buildings on site, we provided LAN interconnectivity via fiber between the switching gear. This allowed for high speed transfers and a single unified wireless network facility-wide.