The roles and responsibilities of a vCIO

A virtual Chief Information Officer — also known as a vCIO — plays a crucial role in any new business by providing a dedicated outsourced IT expert.

While plenty of entrepreneurs have the vision and smarts to build their own company, not all of them have the knowledge required to properly invest, implement, and maintain IT infrastructure.

Why you need a project consultant

Managing a small- or medium-sized business (SMB) is a lot of work, and keeping it running while seeing a project through is an even greater feat. When juggling these things simultaneously, the latter endeavor usually gets thrown onto the back burner. After all, you have to keep the enterprise afloat.

4 Ways a helpdesk support benefits your business

A helpdesk is a specialized department within a company that’s responsible for addressing technical problems experienced by customers. Larger enterprises may also maintain internal helpdesk departments for aiding employees with solving IT issues. Serving as a single point of contact and offering a centralized and people-powered approach to tech support, helpdesks are invaluable for speeding up resolution times.

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