How slow internet connections affect your business

The internet is essential for business. It allows companies to access powerful communication tools, run eCommerce websites, and search for information. That’s why being disconnected from the internet for even a minute can cause serious problems.

Internet user growth accelerated in the past year with more than 366 million new users.

5 Tips for better, faster office internet

Employees hate slow internet connections. Few things kill productivity and morale faster than waiting for webpages to load, or unresponsive cloud applications to do their jobs. Now that virtually every modern workplace relies heavily on its internet connection, any length of unscheduled downtime is enough to have a noticeable effect on your bottom line.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Network for Improved Business Performance

A poorly performing network is impossible to ignore in modern businesses. Almost everything relies on fast connections, and few things kill productivity and damage employee morale faster than staring at loading screens or connection errors. Unscheduled downtime and performance bottlenecks also hinder your ability to offer customer service and response times that meet modern standards.

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