Don’t overlook your business printers’ security

The security of business printers is often overlooked by small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This can prove to be a big mistake because printers can be just as vulnerable to cyberattacks as other devices. Follow these security tips if you want to protect your business printers from cyberattacks. Vulnerabilities of business printers Printers are considered […]

What businesses need to know about cybersecurity in 2023

With each passing year, the cybersecurity landscape becomes even more complex and dangerous. This is why in 2023, it’s no longer optional but critical for business owners to be aware of the latest trends in cybersecurity. By keeping abreast of cybersecurity news, they can better protect their data, systems, and organization. In this blog post, […]

5 Cybersecurity trends to watch out for in 2023

The cybersecurity landscape is always changing, so businesses need to stay on top of emerging threats to protect themselves effectively. Otherwise, they may suffer cyberattacks that can result in significant financial losses, reputational damage, potential lawsuits, and regulatory fines.

How to choose the right VPN for your business

If you want to stay secure while using the internet, it’s not enough to simply rely on anti-malware software and a firewall. Nowadays, hackers can read data sent to and from your device and steal the information inside them. This is why your business needs a virtual private network (VPN). What is a VPN? A […]

Top tips to protect yourself from holiday hackers

As you focus on meeting the needs of holiday shoppers or taking time off to be with loved ones, hackers are looking to exploit any vulnerabilities in your business’s system. Keep these tips in mind to ward off hackers so you can fully enjoy this festive season. Change passwords frequently Change your business passwords every […]

Do not fall for these 4 holiday-themed scams

The holidays are a time of giving gifts to family, friends, and those in need. Unfortunately, this is also when people and businesses become more susceptible to scams designed to trick them out of their money and/or to obtain their sensitive information.

Ramp up your defenses with proactive cybersecurity

Cyberthreats are becoming more sophisticated every day, and if your business isn’t taking steps to protect itself from these threats, it faces a high risk of falling victim. This can cause you to lose valuable data or even go out of business. In this blog post, we will discuss what proactive cybersecurity is and how […]

6 Reasons to use paid anti-malware software instead of free versions

Using anti-malware software is crucial to protecting your computer from Trojan viruses, worms, and other types of malicious software. With so many free anti-malware programs available in the market, is it still worth investing in a paid version?

Here are six reasons why your business should opt for paid anti-malware software:

1. Provides better protection against malware
Free anti-malware programs offer basic protection by defending against common viruses.

Update your passwords now

If you’re like most people, you probably have passwords that are easy to remember or use the same one for multiple accounts. But by doing either of these, you could be putting yourself at risk to cyberattacks. To ensure the security of your online accounts, follow the latest password guidelines from the National Institute of […]

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