Fresh Tracks Canada

Fresh Tracks Canada believes great vacations start with insider knowledge and attention to every detail. Offering over 45 sample packages and fully customizable options, our team of local Canadian experts change choosing a holiday in Canada from a maze to amazing.

With over 20 years of experience in the Canadian travel industry, we have helped more than 15,000 travellers experience the best of Canada. Whether it is a train trip through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a polar bear excursion in northern Manitoba or a self-drive tour through Atlantic Canada, we work with every guest to create the perfect holiday every time.


As a valued Quicktech client for over 10 years, we have provided support and consultation through dozens of IT projects. Most recently, we provided consultation, planning, implementation and support for a geo-redundant network failover project.


  • Network security
  • Secure VPN tunnelling
  • Geo-redundant backup storage
  • Network backup image replication
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Network failover


Utilizing a Dell Poweredge server placed in a remote data center, Quicktech implemented a “head-start restore” server replication system. Driven by the backup and replication software ShadowProtect, we are able to “spin-up” a complete replication of Fresh Tracks servers, should there ever be a server outage or disaster at the main server site. This solution offers complete peace-of-mind in knowing that they are able to be up and running with little downtime, no matter what the situation.