Iridia Medical

Since 1998, identifying emerging health needs and responding to them defined Iridia’s way of doing business. Embracing this philosophy, the company grew to offer a broad cross section of products and services to clients around the world.

At present, Iridia is the second largest non-hospital AED distributor in Canada, the leading provider of cardiac care education in British Columbia, one of the biggest supplier of paramedics to remote locations in BC and a recognized name in health consulting.


With 3 physical locations, Iridia Medical required a solution which allow for stable secure access to local server resources for remote offices and workers.


  • Network security
  • LDAP integrated VPN
  • VPN tunneling
  • Secure software VPN connectivity


Utilizing a Dell Sonicwall routers at each location, as well as Dell SSL VPN clients for travelling users, Quicktech was able to plan and implement a stable, secure, and fully integrated VPN solution. This setup allowed for users at remote sites to securely access local files and resources, without first connecting via a software VPN connection – saving time, reducing potential errors, and increasing productivity.