Retina Surgical Associates

Retina Surgical Associates is a medical practice that specializes in diseases and surgery of the retina and vitreous. Our practice is comprised of four vitreo-retinal surgeons: Dr. Hugh M. Parsons, Dr. Simon R. Lam, Dr. Dhar S. Dhanda and Dr. Leah A. Wittenberg.


As a Quicktech Managed Service client, Retina Surgical Associates enjoys the advantage of Quicktech having deep insight into the inner-workings of their network from an IT as well as procedural workflow point-of-view. During a quarterly business review, Quicktech was able to recognize a potential work-flow enhancement that could potentially save Retina Surgical Associates hundreds of work-hours per year.


  • Workflow consultation
  • Custom-scripting
  • Procedural automation
  • Accuro consultation


Through the creation of an automatic script which would dynamically convert the typed patient word documents into PDF files, then embed them into the associated patient record, Quicktech was able to automate a previously manual process. This left upwards of 40 employment hours per week, to be re-allocated to new tasks. Helping to facilitate both additional growth and cost-savings for Retina Surgical Associates.