IT Consulting Questions – “Do I Need A Disaster Recovery Plan?”

IT Consulting Questions – “Do I Need A Disaster Recovery Plan?”

A sign of quality IT consulting and proactive network monitoring is the ability to recognize potential threats that may cause downtime and loss of productivity. A proactive IT team will have a disaster recovery plan for when things are humming along. This means that when things fail or critical issues arise you will be glad you had it in place; getting you back up and running without skipping a beat.

What Is A Disaster Recovery Plan?

A disaster recovery plan is a documented set of procedures that outline what to do in the event of an IT disaster. During these events, the disaster recovery plan works to do the following:

  • Minimize IT downtime
  • Minimize data loss
  • Quickly recover any lost information

Vancouver is a tech-savvy city, and most business are extremely reliant on their information technology. What do you do when your IT systems are down? Any unscheduled downtime or data loss could spell disaster.

Even if you think you have a solid backup plan in place, accidents can happen.

User error, hardware failure or other IT problems could strike when you least expect them to. No business is truly safe from every threat – so a disaster recovery plan is needed to mitigate any potential IT problems.

We believe in taking care of problems before they occur. Proactive IT support works to protect your business from preventable IT issues, while a proper disaster recovery plan works to minimize the impact of unexpected IT problems.

What Are Some Unexpected IT Problems?

What happens if a break-in to your office results in theft of your file server? Or, if a co-worker accidentally deletes your accounting database while “cleaning” up files? What happens to your data, where did it go, and how do you get it back?

What happens if a staff member inadvertently opens an email attachment that encrypts their files and the shared files of all the other staff members, do you pay the ransom?

Our IT consulting services involve keeping a disaster recovery plan in mind – in case any such issues arise. You can’t safeguard against every potential issue, but it’s good practice to have a plan in place for the worst situation.

Having a disaster recovery plan not only helps minimize the impact of unforeseen events, but helps streamline decision-making during tough times. There’s no need to panic – because everything is thought out beforehand.

When considering any kind of IT investment in Vancouver, make sure you have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Are you interested in developing your own disaster recovery plan? Book an appointment with Quicktech today – we’ll take care of everything IT-related, so you can focus on what you do best.