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Can your IT support model survive vacation days, sick days, and snow days?

Our FREE eBook lays out a system that can

As technology consultants and technicians, the Quicktech team spends a lot of time convincing clients just how important IT is to their profit. But if that’s outsourcing really the best solution? It is, and we’ve got the eBook to prove it.

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We’re more than a proactive support provider

Our vCIO Service equips clients with an outsourced business IT expert to serve as their virtual Chief Information Officer

Your vCIO will hold regularly scheduled strategy meetings with your decision makers to ensure your IT assets are being used most effectively. It’s an incredible value for organizations lacking the personnel to provide executive-level technology guidance, and it’s available for a fixed monthly fee.

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Have you considered how Cloud Computing can improve your
day-to-day operations?

With all the buzz around cloud computing and so many options, find out if your business can benefit from it and let us tailor a solution that fits into your budget and exceeds your expectations.


Customer Care is our Top Priority

This goes for both Quicktech staff and our valued clients, because happy staff
means happy interactions for you

Since 1998, co-founders Jon and Dustin’s guiding principle has been that “business is about relationships.” Their amiable approach to fixing IT issues has led to a company culture where dedicated service touch is the default mode, and where long-term partnerships with customers and employees are the norm.

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How many users must your IT network support?

Whether it's one or hundreds, we’ll tailor a solution that keeps their
computers connected

A significant portion of our clients range from Engineering Firms to Ophthalmologist Clinics to the Financial Sector to SaaS Providers but our satisfied customers come from every sector. Check out our client case
studies to get a feel for how we do it.