Data Backup & Recovery

Bounce back from outages and catastrophic incidents

When data is backed up in multiple locations, your company’s life expectancy goes up

What would happen if a storm, cyberattack, or freak outage destroyed your office hardware? Without a backup plan, your chances of survival are slim at best. Quicktech’s Data Backup & Recovery services allow you to withstand any disaster.

With our solution, copies of your data are automatically moved to our data centres, which are then monitored, tested, and maintained by our backup specialists. Your backup and recovery plan will be fully customized to ensure you meet industry-specific requirements regarding security, recovery time, and compliance.

Quicktech’s Data Backup & Recovery service offers:

  • Image-based backups - which dramatically reduce backup completion times
  • Canadian-hosted offsite servers - spread across the country to avoid single points of failure
  • Fast recovery times - since files can be easily accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Proactive data monitoring - to ensure backups are created correctly and securely
  • Routine testing - to make sure your backups are working as they should

Maximizing uptime is what we do best

Christian repaired everything very quickly and informed us on all the equipment and how things work. He also provided temp solution in between service calls so the boardroom stayed operational. Awesome stuff.

Kate Sizykh
Marin Investment


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