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VoIP Solutions for Businesses in Vancouver and BC

Traditional landline systems are expensive,
inconvenient, and outdated

The days of expensive telecom bills are over. With Quicktech’s Voice over IP phone systems, your communication costs are tied to your data plan, which is cheaper than landline plans. Also, your equipment is fully managed by technicians for a small pay-as-you-go subscription fee.

Our Vancouver VoIP Phone Systems allow you to make and receive calls anywhere with an internet connection and come with a wide array of features that boost productivity and collaboration like call routing, video conferencing, and whisper and barge.

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Quicktech’s VoIP Phone Systems include:

  • Affordable local and long distance rates
  • Call routing, queueing, recording, and voicemail-to-email features
  • Auto-attendant and call coaching functionality
  • Telecom software to manage business communications
  • VoIP-optimized networks to ensure high-quality voice and video
  • Cloud-hosted management and maintenance services

Making installations and maintenance as painless as possible

You have excellent people working for you, who are quick, efficient and intelligent. I like it when our problems get solved just after one call to you.

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Data Backup & Recovery

Well-planned business continuity plans will prepare you for any catastrophe.

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Quick turnaround resolutions for IT issues small and large.

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