Cybersecurity Vancouver

Keep the bad guys out of your systems with the most powerful security measures available

Malware is more dangerous than ever, and more cyberattacks are coming

As technology evolves, the bad guys have more tools at their disposal. With advanced malware and virtually limitless resources, hackers are making billions attacking businesses, stealing their data, and even taking their systems hostage. Quicktech’s Cybersecurity solutions in Vancouver protect your business with a combination of powerful firewalls, threat prevention systems, antivirus software, and more, all for an affordable monthly fee.

Our solutions secure every aspect of your business, including your servers, workstations, apps, data, and even employees. On top of that, you’ll have security specialists at your beck and call, constantly monitoring the health of your networks and making sure you’re compliant with industry regulations like PHIPA, SOC, and SOX.

Quicktech’s Cybersecurity solutions in Vancouver safeguards your business with:

  • Next-gen firewalls and intrusion prevention systems that detect unusual network behaviour
  • Antivirus software for detecting malware on desktops and mobile devices
  • Email security software that keeps your inbox free of phishing scams and pesky spam
  • Access restrictions based on employee, department, device, and even time of day
  • Advanced encryption protocols for data in storage and in-transit
  • Regular security training, vulnerability assessments, and compliance management
  • Ongoing network monitoring and maintenance

We take a proactive approach to security

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