Is your network infrastructure optimized to improve productivity?

Is your network infrastructure optimized to improve productivity?

Companies in Vancouver want to improve productivity to shorten turnaround times, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately enhance their bottom line. One of the most foolproof strategies for boosting productivity is to build or optimize your business's IT infrastructure around this particular goal. To do this, investing in the following solutions makes for a great start:

Mobile technologies

Smartphones, laptops, and other portable computing devices enable employees to perform their tasks, even during instances when they are incapable of going to the office. This not only reduces possible downtime but can also potentially improve employees' efficiency by allowing them to work where and when they are most productive.

Furthermore, by utilizing mobile technologies, businesses can improve collaboration and communication among employees. For example, instant messaging apps allow for quick and real-time work-related questions and answers, even when workers are on the go.

Cloud computing

The cloud is another key player in a productive and mobile workforce. It makes resources, including company files, applications, and even entire IT systems, accessible over the internet. With it, employees do not have to be in the office to do their work.

Aside from increasing mobility, the cloud can also improve collaboration. For example, documents stored in the cloud can be edited and seen by authorized parties in real time, regardless of location. This enables people to work on projects together even when they are not physically together.

Video conferencing

Have you ever had to cancel an important meeting because some of the participants couldn't make it to your office? Video conferencing solves this problem by enabling employees to participate in meetings, presentations, and other work-related events over a video call. This saves time on travel and enables participants to proceed with the meeting and return to their tasks sooner.

Cloud Telephone

Some important business calls demand immediate action but come while your employees are away from the office landline. In certain cases, missed telephone calls can result in delays which frustrate colleagues, vendors, and customers.

VoIP enables users to make and accept calls over the internet. Unlike conventional landline phone systems that are tied to a single device, VoIP services can be used on various devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This way, employees can receive calls no matter where they are.

Help desk support

Disruptive IT problems can occur anytime. Unfortunately, your internal IT staff won't always be around to address them, especially when your employees work remotely. After all, having your in-house technicians visit individual homes and workplaces is impractical and costly.

A reliable third-party help desk support provider can assist with any IT-related concern, no matter where your employees are. Your staff simply have to call and the provider can immediately answer questions or provide troubleshooting steps. They should even be able to address the problem remotely. This means your staff can go back to their tasks without having to wait for available in-house IT staff.


In 2021, 76% of companies suffered downtime for reasons that included cyberattacks. This shows that if you want to optimize your IT systems for productivity, then you have to invest in your business's cybersecurity.

You need to install cybersecurity solutions meant to bolster your defenses against multiple cyberthreats. Must-haves include:

  • A firewall to screen incoming and outgoing internet traffic and prevent unauthorized access to your network
  • Anti-malware software to identify, isolate, and eliminate viruses, ransomware, and other dangerous malware
  • A password manager to generate and store complex passwords for your online accounts
  • A virtual private network to encrypt internet traffic and protect data in transit

You can also partner with a managed IT services provider like Quicktech. We offer a comprehensive list of services that will not only augment your business's cybersecurity but will also help improve operational efficiency. Download this free eBook today to learn how we can help your company become more productive.