Top Eye Care Providers in New Westminster

The premier Eye Care Specialists in New Westminster focus on the treatment and surgery of the retina and vitreous, with a team of four dedicated vitreo-retinal surgeons.


As a beneficiary of Quicktech Managed Services, this leading eye care practice gains from Quicktech's comprehensive understanding of their network's technical and procedural aspects. In a routine quarterly review, Quicktech identified an opportunity to enhance workflow efficiency, potentially saving the clinic hundreds of hours annually.


  • Workflow optimization consulting
  • Custom script development
  • Process automation
  • Accuro system optimization


Quicktech developed an automated script that effortlessly converts patient documents from text to PDF format and then integrates them into the corresponding patient files. This innovation has saved approximately 40 hours per week, allowing these hours to be redirected towards new initiatives. This improvement supports the Eye Care Specialists in New Westminster in achieving further growth and realizing significant cost savings.