Medical Marijuana Producer
in British Columbia

A British Columbia-based Medical Marijuana producer and supplier, known for its cutting-edge facility, has garnered interest from leading Canadian universities. This entity is pioneering standards in the industry, assisting local B.C. municipalities with the development of medical marijuana regulations.


To facilitate the launch of their advanced facility, they sought comprehensive advice on network planning, security, architecture, and deployment.


  • Enhancing network security
  • Implementing a local fiber LAN for interconnectivity
  • Establishing secure VPN software connections
  • Creating a facility-wide mesh wireless network
  • Setting up a secured domain controller
  • Applying multi-tiered file permissions across different resources and departments


By deploying a next-generation Firewall, advanced switching devices, and wireless access points, Quicktech effectively created a secure, adaptable, and scalable network infrastructure. This approach facilitated fiber-optic LAN connections between buildings, ensuring swift data transfer rates and a cohesive wireless network across the premises.