Why your business needs reliable high-speed internet

Why your business needs reliable high-speed internet

The internet has become integral to modern life, and inevitably, to your business. Customers find your enterprise online, and even communicate with us through the web. Your employees, meanwhile, use the internet to access corporate data or company files. Perhaps some of your apps are even hosted on the cloud. What used to be an optional means of communication has become a necessity, and as the pace of people’s lives become faster, your internet connection must also be up to par. Here are important benefits that a reliable high-speed internet connection brings to your business:

Higher employee productivity

Your staff works best when all their tools function perfectly. A lag in their internet connection can prevent them from achieving their peak productivity level and may even cause bottlenecks in the workflow. For instance, looking up product information that usually takes seconds can stretch for minutes. When added cumulatively, these small delays translate to wasted time and unearned profit.

Unscheduled downtimes are even worse because they paralyze your operations and leave your employees doing nothing. This is frustrating on their end and lowers not just their productivity but their morale. To keep your employees satisfied and to allow them to be successful at their jobs, you need reliable internet.

Improved customer satisfaction

At the other end of your business are your customers. Just imagine having to make a customer wait for a quarter of an hour just to pull up information because the system is taking too long, or having them access a web page that takes quite a bit of time to load -- customers will get frustrated and may find other companies with which to do business. You simply can’t afford that if you want your company to thrive. A trusty internet connection is what you need if you want to give your consumers the best experience and keep their patronage.

Mightier bottom line

There is a direct correlation between the reliability of your internet connection and your bottom line: the faster the connection, the bigger your net profit. An hour of delay or downtime can set a company back as high as $100,000, IT World Canada reports. To qualify, this cost covers missed deadlines of goods or products, lost clientele, and compromised data (see next item). Time lost is money lost, and a reliable connection makes sure you don’t lose either.

Better handling of business data

Slow internet means sluggish data transfer and recovery, which can cause data contamination or data loss. To illustrate, if two or so employees are collaborating on a document and their connection is faulty, they may not be able to access data changes in real time, causing mistakes or redundancy in data entry. On top of that, in case data needs to be recovered because of a physical or digital catastrophe, a lagging internet connection can cause business recovery to take forever, or worse, fail due to malfunction or incomplete data transfer. A fast internet connection helps you avoid getting into these situations.

More ubiquitous internet presence

Most, if not all, businesses these days have an online presence. At the very least, they have websites that contain company background, products/services description, and contact information. These websites are set up to attract potential customers, as well as to allow existing customers to reach out to the business. If the server for your web pages occasionally encounters problems that cause your site to load slowly or crash, it defeats the purpose of establishing an internet presence. Slow internet servers not only leave negative impressions on the general public; it also hinders your business from topping internet search results. You can counter this scenario if you have servers that do not fail you.

If your internet connection is moving at a snail’s pace or is constantly disappointing you, then you’re missing out on the wonders of high-speed reliable internet. Thankfully, that’s an easy problem to fix. Let Quicktech take care of your internet problems, so you can enjoy high-speed and stable connections 24/7. Contact us today.

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