How can startups and SMBs get high-quality IT support in the post-pandemic era?

How can startups and SMBs get high-quality IT support in the post-pandemic era?

Most companies today need IT in order to be efficient, flexible, secure, and agile. This is especially the case with startups and small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), which rely on IT to remain competitive. However, such firms lack the IT personnel and other resources needed to leverage IT solutions, and they may find it difficult to obtain IT support in the post-COVID-19 normal.

What is IT support?

IT support refers to various services that help businesses manage and optimize their IT infrastructure, such as technical support and IT consulting. These services are often delivered by in-house tech departments, which unfortunately, many startups and SMBs lack. IT support is vital for businesses of all sizes, especially startups and SMBs.

Why is IT support crucial for startups and SMBs?

Without an IT department addressing tech-related concerns, many startups and SMBs tend to "just wing it" when it comes to IT. This usually means they address tech issues and procure IT tools on a need-to basis. Unfortunately, such an ad hoc approach works only during the early stages when the business's needs are relatively simple and manageable. As the company and their workforce grow, the business may experience IT sprawl.

IT sprawl refers to having too many IT systems and applications, which makes managing and controlling them difficult. It also heightens the risk of cyber incidents, as each IT solution used in the business is a potential attack vector for cyberattacks. The more tools a business uses, the more vulnerable they become.

Last but not least, IT sprawl increases costs. Not all tools are free, so when a business experiences IT sprawl, they could be paying for solutions that are redundant or unnecessary. Some of these could also cause cyber incidents that are expensive to fix and may lead to hefty penalties.

Without proper IT support, a business may also suffer from slow response and recovery times. A simple technical issue may take hours to troubleshoot. This can slow down production and the delivery of services, disrupting revenue.

If a business has IT support, they can ensure that their IT systems are properly managed, no matter how complex these become, and all issues are promptly addressed. IT support also guides the organization in prioritizing IT solutions that address their needs, preventing redundancies that result in inefficiency, insecurities, and unnecessary expenses.

What prevents startups and SMBs from securing adequate IT support?

Most startups and SMBs run on limited resources, so they're forced to make do with low-cost solutions and alternatives. IT personnel also command very competitive salaries and use expensive tools, which is why many startups and SMBs cannot afford to hire them and build an internal IT team.

Worse still, the IT sector has been facing a talent shortage for a while now, exacerbated by IT professionals quitting their jobs to pursue careers abroad or in other industries. Unfortunately, experts believe the problem isn't about to end anytime soon, even though the demand for IT support has increased significantly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes recruiting and retaining IT professionals more difficult for startups and SMBs.

What alternatives do startups and SMBs have?

Instead of hiring an internal IT team, startups and SMBs can outsource IT support to managed IT services providers (MSP) like Quicktech. An MSP functions as a dedicated IT team, managing a business's IT systems and providing various forms of technical support. This arrangement offers the following benefits:


Outsourcing IT support is more affordable than building an internal IT team, as businesses only need to pay for the services they consume. And because MSPs work remotely, clients do not need to shoulder additional expenses like utilities and space.


As the business grows, it can scale up or down its IT support services according to its current needs and budget.


An MSP can tailor its IT support offerings to the specific needs of the client. For instance, startups and SMBs in highly regulated industries can ask for support that's geared toward compliance.


More than 40% of SMBs do not have a cybersecurity plan. As most MSPs specialize in cybersecurity, outsourcing IT support can help businesses adopt security solutions that would augment their cyber defenses.

IT support is necessary for any business. At Quicktech, our team of IT experts is always ready to provide SMBs and startups with the support they need to optimize their IT systems. Download this eBook today and learn how partnering with an MSP can maximize your business's productivity.

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